Debt Ceiling / by Brett Sayles

So I was thinking about the debt ceiling.  I heard a voice on the radio that was aghast at the idea that someone would try to stop the government from raising it. 

She said, "we've always done it this way".  She was implying that it was business as usual to for our government to keep spending, then raise the amount of debt we can accumulate as needed. 

I started thinking about my personal economy.  Sure, I spend and borrow more than I should, but here's the difference...  If I called my bank or credit card company and asked them to raise my debt ceiling, at some point they're going to tell me NO.  When this happens, I'm going to get really mad and let them know that "we've always done it this way".

I'll let them know how much damage their decision not to raise my personal debt ceiling is going to wreak on my personal economy... My people would surely suffer.  

I have a feeling this radio lady would would tell me that I needed to start living within my means.  Instead of being shocked that crazy people were not extending my credit, she'd be shocked by my failure to see the plain truth that I was spending more than I was making, and that depending on credit extensions would eventually lead to my own personal financial crisis. 

Which is insane?

A. Spending as much as you can, then depending on more credit. 

B. Taking a stand by telling someone that spending as much as you can, then depending on credit is insane.