I Am / by Brett Sayles

So, I'm sitting in a work sponsored class called 'A Call to Positivity.'

The biggest part of this class is being spent on hammering into our heads that what we say about ourselves comes true. Well, these statements become true in the sense that we start feeling like they're true..

I immediately asked my self if the veracity of this self talk mattered. Does it matter if my self talk is blatantly untrue? I can say "I am super good looking" all day long, but it's not going to make it true. I suppose that I might start thinking that I'm super good looking and because of that be more confident. On the other hand, I might start acting like an ugly guy in the sad position of thinking that he's beautiful.

But what if these  'I Am' statements were true?

I decided to make a list of these statements that I know are true. Here they are:

I am forgiven.
I am someone that the king of the universe valued enough to die for.
I am in enemy territory, but the calvary is coming.
I am blessed with a wife that loves me.
I am blessed to be able to use my music to worship God.

I like where this is going...