McKenna’s Goat Selfie Made it Online!

The Odyssey Online picked up a photo I took of McKenna taking a selfie with a llama and a goat at the Boise Zoo!

2018-07-17 15_17_12-

First a hair loss page, Now Testosterone Nation…

A while back a photo of my bald head was used on a hair loss site. Now a photo of my hand is being used on a site called Testosterone Nation… I’m starting to see a trend here.2018-07-17 15_13_02-World of Warcraft

Lunch Walk 7/16 or OMG IT’S HOT!

I’m not a fan of summer, but it doesn’t seem to bother the bees…

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I walked for 30 minutes and I’m still not cooled down yet. God bless our soldiers out there in those dry and dusty places.

Some Photos from Saturday 7/14

I got up early and walked around down town. The dew drops were shot at Julia Davis park.

The Little Sunflower that Could

Oh hi little flower! Welcome to your new home!

Smack dab in the middle of one our backyard plants, we found a wild sunflower growing.


These flowers grow all along the road to our house, but I’ve yet to see one in anyone’s yard. Avery loves these, so I thought it was pretty cool. They bloom in to fall, so she’ll get to see it when she gets back!


Now I’m a Poet…

So I write Avery a lot. She’s in boot camp and I figure letters from home are cool to get. I find that there are only so many things to write about in a letter. She knows that I miss her and the life at home is the same as it ever was.

So what’s the next step? Compose a damned haiku! It’s just common sense…. Ok, here it is…

I’m missing my girl
I send her my heart in words
Letters aren’t enough

You might think that this is all fun and games, but I couldn’t remember the correct syllable count for each line. Then there was the nightmare scenario of trying to figure out if ‘aren’t’ was one syllable or two. Being a dad is hard



More from April 2018

For the new blog, I’m going through some photos from earlier in the year. Enjoy!

The Journey Begins

Well, here we are… was kind enough to offer us heroes a free premium subscription to WordPress! This is just a test. More to come!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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