Month: May 2020

George Floyd Protest Boise May 31, 2020

Around the country, things are burning. I’ve seen things burn before. I was in southern California in April of 1992 and I’ve decided that riots don’t help anyone. They seem to always hurt the wrong people. I’ve also experienced what it’s like to have… Continue Reading “George Floyd Protest Boise May 31, 2020”


So… On the way back from photographing pigs, we ran into some turkeys. It was just about sunset when we spotted them. I jumped out of the Jeep, figuring that I’d get some photos of them as they ran away. They didn’t run away.… Continue Reading “Turkeys…”

Hanging With The Pigs…

Last weekend I had the opportunity to head to a friend’s homestead to shoot some pigs. Yes, pigs. -Brett Sayles Some might not consider this an exciting shoot, but those people must never have spent quality time with pigs. They’re friendly and not a… Continue Reading “Hanging With The Pigs…”

The Ersity of Was – The beauty of my Idaho

My friend Hinsel kept posting photos of this beautiful place. I hounded him for a while and he decided to entrust me with its location. Whether that trust was deserved or not, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Nestled out in… Continue Reading “The Ersity of Was – The beauty of my Idaho”