So… On the way back from photographing pigs, we ran into some turkeys. It was just about sunset when we spotted them. I jumped out of the Jeep, figuring that I’d get some photos of them as they ran away.

They didn’t run away. They ran to me.

That made for some good photos. They were on the other side of a barbed wire fence about two feet away. They paced back and forth like they were posing. I got some shots and decided to hit the road.

That’s when they decided to get grumpy.

They plowed through the fence and started smacking me with their wings. What is the proper response to attacking turkeys? Get some video! Nikon Z6 in one had, my phone in the other, while getting beat up by turkey wings. What a day!

Hanging With The Pigs…

Last weekend I had the opportunity to head to a friend’s homestead to shoot some pigs. Yes, pigs.

-Brett Sayles

Some might not consider this an exciting shoot, but those people must never have spent quality time with pigs. They’re friendly and not a single one of them shared any political views. It was glorious!

The rules were simple. Don’t get between the big guy and his gals. I was then immediately set upon by one of the girls. All was well, she just wanted to sniff my camera and get a back rub.

Special thanks to Andrew at Indian Creek Homestead for letting me hang out and get some photos!

The Ersity of Was – The beauty of my Idaho

My friend Hinsel kept posting photos of this beautiful place. I hounded him for a while and he decided to entrust me with its location. Whether that trust was deserved or not, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Nestled out in the sage brush of Idaho’s high desert, is a location he named, “The Ersity of Was.”

It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. My wife and I headed out on a Monday morning to experience it. We got to drive the Jeep through a creek, met some cows and met a cowboy that was one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met. Sitting on a rock watching the water flow by, all I could think about was how in the midst of all the troubles of this fallen world, the majesty of God’s creation still shines through.

The world is a mirror of infinite beauty, yet no man sees it. It is a Temple of Majesty, yet no man regards it. It is a region of Light and Peace, did not man disquiet it. It is the Paradise of God.

Thomas Traherne – Centuries of Meditations


I picked up Aurora HDR. I headed out, braving the pandemic to get some bracketed exposures. Here they are!

Valentine’s Day 2020

I woke up this morning feeling sick. My wife had been down with a fever for four days. I realized that it was really cold outside and the day before, our water delivery had come. Eleven big old bottles of water sitting on the porch. I went out to start hauling them in, and looked up. I see beautiful clouds all the time, here in Idaho, but this morning was awesome. Being a the stalwart photographer that I am, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door in my flannel pajamas. Here’s what I saw…

Stanley, Idaho 02/01/2020

At about four in the afternoon, my friend Kevin and I decided to make the drive to Stanley to get some photos. It was cold… Here are some of my shots from the trip.

San Francisco Trip 2019

I got to spend a few days in San Francisco this month. The hospital I work for let me attend FujiFilm’s 11th Annual Global IT Executive Summit. I spent the days in sessions and when they were over, I hit the streets. Here are some of my photos.