Angels Among Us…

This is Aubrey. I found her photo on Pinterest.

I posted this little story on Facebook and decided to write it up here so I’d always be able to find it.

June 18, 2019

Today I went to pre-surgery physical therapy. As I was leaving, there was a little girl coming down the hall towards me. She was obviously sick. She had her little bald head covered with a colorful knit cap that looked like someone made it for her. She had her eyes down as she came near me and looked up just before we passed.

She looked at me and got a huge smile on her face, waved and said hi. She looked like a little angel and I swear to God by all that is holy that I almost broke into tears.

I called my wife to tell her about it and she said, “it’s probably your bald head!”

I guess being bald has its perks… I get to see angels.

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